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Patient care refers to the therapies, treatment methods, and items that are together used to improve the experience of the patient while undergoing treatment for a condition or disease. There are a number of things that constitute patient care which include feeding aids, clothes and clothing aids, positioners, bedding accessories, urinary products, anti-septics, etc. These products help in easing the time the patient goes through treatment by helping them rest, clothe themselves, and other basic activities like sleeping, eating, urinating, etc.

Enteral Feeding

Enteral Feeding - Feeding With Care

Enteral feeding is an integral part of patient care that refers to the direct delivery of nutritious food to the stomach, duodenum, or jejunum. A patient is fed with the help of a tube that is inserted through the nose (nasally), through the mouth, or through a stoma (surgically) made on the stomach or the intestines. The food given via the tube is liquid in nature and so it directly enters the digestive system of the person. It is usually conducted for patients who are critically ill, or for those suffering from gastrointestinal cancer, pancreatitis, malnutrition, or other complications of the digestive system. Feeding pumps are attached to feeding tubes through which tube feeding liquid or food is supplied to the stomach or the intestines. They work in synchronization with the digestive system to ensure that the body receives adequate nutrition.

Patient Wear

Patient Wear - Helping You Clothe

The treatment process of any condition requires comfort and safety of the patient and hence wearing clothes that might make you uncomfortable can cause a problem in your treatment. The clothes you wear should be comfortable, medically accurate, and safe for the body. Wearing something too tight or something that you are allergic to can increase discomfort and pain. So, patient care takes care of your clothing needs by putting out the right kind of clothing for patients suffering from different conditions. For example, wearing loose clothes is one of the first steps to aid healing in most conditions, whereas some conditions might want you to wear perfectly fitting garments. Gowns, aprons, robes, and shorts are some types of clothes your doctor would recommend you to wear while undergoing treatment. Wearing clothes of cotton, nylon, etc. have different reasons and depending on your need you can choose from any of these.

Clothing Protector

Clothing Protector - Safeguarding Your Clothes

Clothing protectors are products used to protect the clothes from getting stained, soiled, or tearing. Under this huge umbrella of items one can find bibs or aprons that help in preventing the clothes from getting stained or soiled. Many are made from absorbent material that doesn’t let the food fall right onto your clothes. While some on the other hand are made of water proof material that lets the food roll right off thus reducing all chances of the clothes getting stained. The fit snugly around the neck and go right up to the hip protecting the upper clothing with ease.

Patient Positioner

Patient Positioner - Getting the Right Position

Positioning the patient involves the use of patient positioners that are items of a specific shape which when implemented in our daily life, align the patient in the position needed for the treatment or rehab program. This usually includes the use of neck & head positioners, positioning wedges, torso positioners, immobilizers, etc. Hip positioners are one of the most common types of patient positioners. They are wedge shaped pillows that go between the leg and allow the patient to expand the legs, lift the legs, raise the elevation of the hip, etc for a temporary period of time. The positioners help a patient take the position required for treatment or rehab without having to put in extra effort thus reducing the chances of painful movements or injuries.

Bedding and Patient Care

Bedding and Patient Care

Getting the right amount of comfortable sleep is paramount to the right kind of patient care. Bedding needs are items that one might need to make sleeping a comfortable experience. This includes pillows, pillow cases, cushions, mattresses, blankets, and quilts. These items are specially designed keeping in mind the medical aspect of their use. They are made of materials that are soft and comfortable and do not cause skin irritation if used for a prolonged period of time. Many of them are made of materials that are hypoallergenic, and are super absorbent. The fabric is also breathable thus allowing foul odors to be expelled from the fabric. They are also made chemical free so that they do not interfere in any way with the treatment or rehab of the patient.

Kidney/Emesis Trays

Cleaning Up With Kidney/Emesis Trays

Cleanliness is an important part of patient care as messy and insanitary conditions can be conducive to infections and the spread of other disease. Keeping used gloves, syringes, gauges, etc near a patient can be very risky. Hence using items that might help clean up the area around the patient are a must in all cases of patient care. A major component of this are kidney or emesis bags that are used to collect either exudate, or other liquid or solid waste. Kidney bags or cases are shaped like a kidney and are used in almost all medical institutions in the world. Emesis bags are elongated bags made of either rubber or latex and are used for the same purpose. They emesis bags can be sealed and can be washed easily.

Antiseptic Products

Antiseptic Products - Fighting Infection 24/7

Infection of all kinds is one of the major risks while taking care of a patient either in the hospital or at home. One doesn’t know what might cause an infection during a treatment or rehab and hence all equipment that is used for the process should be either sterilized or anti-septic in nature. Patient care takes care of this need by providing completely antiseptic products. This includes the use of tissues, pads, clothes, mats, to gels, liquids, aerosols, and creams. They themselves are devoid of any microbial matter and some are capable of fighting or eliminating microbial matter from the surroundings. They are used on wounds, clothes, homes, furniture, medical tools, etc.

Medicine Cups

Medicine Cups - Making Medication Easy

Medications are an integral part of a treatment process and taking care that the right amount of medicines are administered is an integral part of patient care. Items such as the medicine cup are another part of patient care that help patients measure their medicine intake. The cups are made to be drink friendly with material light enough for the patient to lift easily. They have a measuring scale on the side to allow the patient to measure how much medicine is needed. Overdosing or under-dosing medicines can be a health risk and hence measuring the medicine intake is important. It also helps keeping track of the amount of medicine so that you never run short of medicine in the house.

Bedpans or Urinals

Bedpans or Urinals - Easing Incontinence

Taking care of a patient during incontinence is a more strategic process as compared to during other conditions. Incontinence involves many risks if not taken care of properly and so caretakers and patients have to be extra careful while dealing with incontinence. Items that might help maintain hygiene and sanitary conditions are a must while dealing with incontinence. Bedpans are such items used for bed ridden or patients suffering from incontinence. They are like mini urinals that can be used to urinate without having to go to the bathroom. They come in different shapes and can be used by both men and women. They are usually made of composite plastic and are water-proof in nature. They can be cleaned easily and reused whenever the need arises.

Patient care is an important part of treating a patient and making sure that they never have to go through the ordeal again. The right kind of care using the right kind of products enables a caretaker and a patient to journey through the process of treatment in a safe and sound way. At Patient-Care we understand your needs and so bring to your only the best and most cost effective products that help you administer patient care in the best way possible.