Shower Chairs/Benches

A shower chair is a bathroom safety aid that provides additional support to patients while showering or bathing. They are shaped like a standard chair with rubberized legs to prevent slipping or falling. The chair has a plastic body and is supported by aluminum or other water resistant metal. Shower benches are the same but do not include a backrest. They are also used for transferring a patient from a wheelchair to the shower area. They have a comfortable seat which is latex free and doesn’t irritate the skin. The backrest is made to shape and support the spine and lumbar. The seat usually is shaped in a way that supports the buttocks and provides grip to the patient using the chair.

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Types of Shower Chairs

  • Transfer Shower Chair - They are wider in structure. They are used by placing the two legs of the chair in the bathtub or the shower area and the other two near a wheelchair or stretcher. The patient then sits on one side and slides down to the other into the bathtub or shower are
  • Fold Down Shower Chair - They are for permanent installation in the bathroom and have only two legs with the hind part of the chair being attached to the wall of the bathroom.
  • Rolling Shower Chairs - Recommended for people with mobility impairment, they have wheels to facilitate fast and easy movement into the shower and out
  • Baby Shower Chairs - Used for children and infants, these shower chairs provide stability and support while bathing a baby
  • Folding Style Shower Chairs - These shower chairs usually do not have a backrest and can be used for people who would like to save space. They can be folded and stored for the next time they are used
  • Standard Shower Chairs - The most cost effective of the lot, these chairs are simple shower chairs that provide basic support and stability to the patient