Rolling Shower Commode Chairs

Rolling shower commode chairs are a hybrid between a commode chair and a shower chair. These wheeled shower chairs are appropriate for people who face difficulty moving from the bed to the shower or from the commode to the shower. They are comfortable, durable, and safe to use. They have features such as a reclining backrest, durable leg support, etc. that helps the patient in a safe and comfortable use of the bathroom. These rolling commode chairs have a detachable receptacle that allows the patient to use the commode near the bed. The patient can then be comfortably rolled into the shower for the secondary use of the rolling shower commode chair.

At Patient Room we have a wide range of rolling shower commode chairs from top selling brands such as Healthline, Duralife, Columbia Medical, etc.

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Features of Rolling Shower Commode Chairs

  • Reclining and comfortable backrests
  • Non-irritating and pleasant seat
  • Water-proof and hypoallergenic material
  • Strong wheels that allow easy movement
  • Safe transfer using a drop down handle