Grab Bars & Safety Rails

Grab bars are simple rod structures that are installed in the bathroom and give the patient a support while they stand or sit in the bathroom. These bars are made of water proof and durable material that lasts for long. They can be installed in almost any position and anywhere in the bathroom. Safety rails are similar to grab bars in structure but are in a rail like sequence the gives continuous support to the patient while they move around in the bathroom. These are mostly wall mounted, but come in different options. Since they also protect the patient in the bathroom, they can be included under the umbrella of patient protection. These bathroom safety aids are a must in the bathroom where the safety of the patient is the prime concern.

At Patient Room we have a wide range of grab bars and safety rails from top selling brands such as Drive Medical, Healthcraft, Clarke Health Care, etc.

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Types of Grab Bars

  • Straight Grab Bars
  • Wave Style Grab Bars
  • Grab Bar Accent Rings
  • Grab Bar Clamps
  • Flip-Up and Flip-Down Grab Bars
  • Floor to Ceiling Pole Bars
  • Wall to Floor Grab Bars
  • Corner Grab Bars
  • Suction Cup Grab Bars

Types of Safety Rails

  • Straight Safety Rails
  • Angled Safety Rails
  • Cranked Safety Rails
  • System Safety Rails
  • Drop Down Safety Rails